Simple Ghost Craft

Macaroni Made

By Anna Hall, Hickory, NC Publisher Mom October 25, 2012
We made these simple ghosts with my daughter who was 5 at the time. They were very easy to make and she was even able to do the craft by herself after I showed her how (how often does that happen?). There are a few different materials you can use and you should already have everything you need in house. We hung these around the house and some outside on a big holly tree for Halloween decorations.

  • ping-pong balls (optional)
  • white tissues and/or white shopping or garbage bags
  • scissors
  • white string
  • black marker
  • orange yarn or white twist-ties
  • lollypops (optional)
  • cotton balls (optional)
What to do:
  1. If you will be hanging your ghosts outside, use a white shopping bag or garbage bag. Cut up the bag into 8in x 8in (or larger) squares. If making for indoor use, just use white tissues.
  2. Make a small hole in the center of the material and thread a piece of string through the hole for hanging the ghost. Tie off the inside end to keep in place.
  3. Place ping-pong ball or lollipop in the middle of the square and wrap around, making a head. Make lollipop ghosts for Halloween party favors or to give away to trick-or-treaters.  I would use ping-pong balls if hanging outside. I have in years past just stuffed the middle with cotton balls or bunched up tissues shaped into a ball, but they do get wet outside even if wrapped in a plastic bag.
  4. Tie underneath the “head” with a piece of yarn or use white twist ties like we did.
  5. Use black marker to draw the ghost’s face on the head. My daughter decided to make hers happy ghosts!