A Halloween "Jar-O-Lantern!"

Macaroni Made

By Melissa Hucal October 10, 2013
With just a clean, empty jar, some masking tape and some paint, you can create a simple and stylish Halloween decoration for your home.

Create a "face" with masking tape on your jar (spaghetti sauce jars work great!) and paint over the entire jar with orange paint.

Let dry completely and then remove the tape.

Green craft foam and chenille stems make great leaves and vines. 

Things moms will like most about this project? 
  • It makes use of old glass jars, so there is a great lesson in recycling and reusing. 
  • It's appropriate for a wide range of ages, making it a great activity for a scout troop, classroom or just a group of friends. 
  • Minimal mess (although you can still wrap your table, chairs and kids in plastic bags!) and minimal time (minus the paint drying).
  • The finished product! The results of a 4-year-old's creation look as great as an 8-year-old's.
With some battery powered tea lights, these will look adorable lining the porch come October 31st!

The idea for these "Jar-O-Lanterns" was inspired by an article in a past issue of Family Fun magazine. You can find the complete instructions