"Hand"-Made Halloween Treat Bags

Macaroni Made

By Diane Kehm October 24, 2013
For our Halloween craft the kids and I made these cute hand print ghost trick or treat bags. I bought all the supplies at Michael's craft store. We found black reusable shopping totes for $1 and got some white fabric paint and 3D puffy paints in Halloween colors. You'll also need ribbon, a paint brush or sponge brush, and a glue gun.

Step 1
Paint your child's hand white and place there hand in the middle of the bag and print. You'll want to make sure the bag is facing you upside down before you print your hand ghost. That way the ghost will be right side up. Also a little tip if you are using the reusable shopping totes you'll want to place a piece of cardboard in the bag before you paint or print your hand ghost. The material of the bag is so thin that the paint can leak through the bag. You can remove the cardboard once the paint has dried.
Step 2
I had the kids draw their face onto their ghosts with the black 3D puffy paints. They then wrote "BOO!" or "EEK!" in the corner of the bags and wrote their names on the bottom of the bags.
Step 3
Once the paint is all dried we then tied ribbon bows and glued them to the girl ghosts heads for our girl ghosts. For boy ghosts you could make the ribbon into a bow for a bow tie. We also glued a bow on the bottom of one of the bags straps. And you're done!