Fall Imagination

Get Thinking & Crafty with Leaves ~ Fun for All Ages

By Christel M Hoydic September 25, 2014
Here is a fun way for kids of all ages to get creative with leaves. Start by giving your kids a bag and sending them outside to collect leaves. Encourage them to get many different shapes and colors.

For added fun, find many different kinds before sending your mini macaronis out and hold up one leaf at a time asking them to find a matching leaf.

Once you have found a sufficient amount of leaves head back inside, grab some paper, crayons and glue and then start thinking!  

Lay out all the leaves you collected on the table and study their shapes. Move them around until you see an animal, person, or scene you'd like to create and start gluing!  

Get inspired and have fun creating fall decorations for the house.  

One more idea! When laminated, these creations make great fall placemats!