Macaroni Made: Recycled Plastic Bag Ghosts!

By Kindle Rising, Publisher, East Tucson Macaroni Kid October 16, 2014
I really DO try to remember my re-usable bags when I go shopping.  But for all the times I pop into Target or Walgreens without planning ahead, I have several bags stashed under my cupboard, waiting to be recycled.

This Halloween I came up with a great use for the white plastic menaces:  Plastic bag ghosts!  You can re-use every part of the bag with this easy, weather-proof craft, and then store them for use again next year.  
You need:
1. White plastic shopping bags (be sure use bags with the store logo only on one side.  You can also use bags without a logo.)
2. Scissors
3. Fishing line or thread
4. Needle
5. Permanent marker
These are the steps for a bag with a store logo on one side.  Modify as needed for an all-white bag.
1.  Use two bags per ghost.
2.  Cut out the store logos on the sides of each bag.  Set aside.
3.  Cut off the bag handles.  Set aside.
4.  Trim the remainder of the bags so they lie flat (the more ragged the cut, the better.  It makes the ghost ).
5.  Place the bags on top of each other, one going vertical and the other horizontal.

6.  Wad up the sections of the bag you cut out and place in the center of the flat bags.  This is your ghost's head.
7.  Use the handles you cut off to tie around the ghost's neck and secure the head.
8.  Thread fishing line or thread onto a large needle and thread through the ghost's head (make sure it goes through the bags stuffed inside, so it doesn't tear the plastic).  Remove the needle and knot.  This is what you'll hang your ghost with.
9.  Make the ghost's face using a permanent marker.  This is a great step to have the little ones help with!
10.  Hang indoors or out!  We made about 10 ghosts and hung them from a tree out front.  We've had so many comments from neighbors about our cute ghosts!