Top 5 PokéStops for Families in Brandon (UPDATED)

Plus Safety Tips!

By Catherine Fialla, Macaroni Kid Brandon Publisher & Jessica Newcomer, Macaroni Kid York Publisher July 28, 2016

Have you caught the Pokébug? Trying to catch them all? Pokémon GO has been all the rage this week. I have seen a TON of news coverage, both positive and negative, on the mobile game. I personally find Pokémon Go to be a great way to bring my family together while getting outside and exploring our city!

Pokémon GO is essentially a virtual geocaching mobile app. The game utilizes your phone's GPS to detect where you are and will show you a map of where the next Pokémon is located. There are several PokéStops throughout our city, most at historical locations, libraries, parks, and businesses to get more Pokéballs, eggs, and other Pokéswag. You should check the app everywhere you go to find more Pokémon because the goal is to catch them all! Also, remember that you can revisit a PokéStop and collect more Pokégoodies after about five minutes :)

I have created a list of our families' top five PokéStops in Brandon!

  1. Winthrop Town Center There are nearly 15 PokéStops in the area! By the time we stopped by all of them and went back to the first, it was time to spin again for more Pokéswag!
  2. Westfield Brandon Mall Lots of PokéStops at fun locations like the carousel and the fountains. The best part? It's INDOORS and in the air conditioning!
  3. Brandon Park (Sadie Street) Two PokéStops and a gym make this a great place to run off some energy, collect Pokémon & hit the PokéStops a few times.
  4. Bloomingdale Regional Library(HCPLC) My kids attended one of the library's awesome summer programs earlier this week. (Check out all of the local libraries' summer programs on our guide.) While they enjoyed the program, I made several trips to the PokéStop... all from the comfort of my chair and between the pages of my book :)
  5. Brandon Regional Library(HCPLC) It's HOT out there, but the kids still need to get out of the house. The perfect solution? The library! You can attend a program, read books with your kids, check out some books, DVDs, or CDs, or play on the computers (did you know that Hillsborough County libraries have FREE ABC Mouse and other games for in-library use?) Stop by the library's PokéStop a few times during your visit. BONUS: This library is super close to All Person's Park, so it's a great place to cool down & cool off after you play outside.

More Great PokéStops All of these locations have MULTIPLE PokéStops!

  • Downtown Tampa
  • Lowry Park Zoo
  • Busch Gardens
  • USF campus
  • MOSI
  • Dinosaur World

    I also heard that local cemeteries, such as Hillsboro Memorial near Westfield Brandon Mall, are filled with PokéStops. Please remind your children that catching Pokémon is more fun for all when we remember to be respectful Pokémon trainers ♥️

Pokémon Go Safety Tips

While you are playing Pokémon GO it is very important to stay alert, be careful of your surroundings and utilize common sense. Here are a few pointers we have put together to ensure you have a pleasant Pokémon GO experience.
  • Do not play and drive. Distracted driving is the cause of many accidents. We know it's tempting, but it's just not safe.
  • Don't get tripped up, look up! Be aware of your surroundings. It's easy to follow a GPS map blindly but remember to look up. Trees, bumps, moving vehicles, and debris are not on the map.
  • Don't Poké in the dark. We get it. You're addicted. You wanna catch them all and catch them all now. But lingering in the dark, alone, with a cell phone is never a good idea. We recommend catching Pokémon as a family, during the day and utilize caution when going to new areas.
  • Poké around with friends and family. Nobody wants to wander around alone. Bring friends and family. It will keep you more alert and aware of your surroundings. Plus it will be a bonding experience.
  • Afraid your kids will be to tempted wander? Only download the app on an adult's phone. If it's on your child's phone enforce safety rules and boundaries of where they can play Pokémon GO and when.
  • The game is not a race. The Pokémon will wait for you, nobody can steal them. There is no reason to speed or drive recklessly.

No matter where you go hunting Pokémon as a family, I'm sure it will be worth the trip. My family has been bonding over the game for several days and our experience has been full of Pokélove. Where are your favorite spots to play Pokémon GO? Let us know on Facebook!


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