Monster Jam - 10 Tips

Here are our 10 tips to help make your Monster Jam experience even more awesome!

By Ileana and Joe Lazala January 13, 2020

This was our first time attending Monster Jam as a family and it’s an experience we look forward to doing again and again. We were provided with free tickets to this event but our opinions are our own. Here are our 10 tips to help make your Monster Jam experience even more awesome!

1. Pick a Car/Driver

Do some car and driver research before you go and pick a favorite to cheer on! We were lucky enough to meet Ryan Anderson, the driver of Son-Uva Digger and Morgan Kane the driver of Grave Digger. Their love and passion for the game and for family, quickly helped them become our family favorites.

2. Loud Noise

The engine noise can be LOUD so if the kids (or adults) need headphones or earplugs, don’t forget to bring with you. There were also some ear protectors sold at the stadium. Our kids started off with them on until they got used to the noise and wanted the full experience. 

3. Parking

Once you park, plan to stay for the day as families begin to set up behind their vehicle for tailgating and family time before the show which makes it difficult to leave and come back.     

4. Tailgate Party

We saw families barbecuing, tossing frisbees and balls, and playing music before the show. Tailgating is a great way to build awesome family memories.  

5. Pit Party

The Pit Party before the show is a great way to get up close and personal with the drivers and trucks. We saw a cool motorcycle stunt show and got to get close up to some of the trucks and drivers. Their was even a spot where you could go on a ride along (free ride along tickets are available at select Circle K stores)

6. Souvenirs

We purchased some souvenirs for the kids before going. They also had souvenirs available for purchase at the Pit Party and stadium.

7. Snacks

If you plan on arriving early for the Pit Party, snacks and water are allowed. Once you are ready to head into the arena, they do not allow any bottles in so plan ahead.  

8. Clear Bags

Only clear, see through, bags are allowed into the arena so plan ahead for anything you want to carry in. 

9. Extra Truck Sighting

A couple of days before the event, you might be lucky to find a few of your favorite trucks parked around town. Check on for locations and details. We were lucky enough to get an autograph and a picture with Morgan Kane, the driver of GraveDigger!


This event was so much fun and filled with awesome memories.   We look forward to going back and continuing this new family tradition.  When I was a kid, I remember my Dad taking me to cheer on Gravedigger.  The tradition continues now with our little ones.   We hope you get the chance to go to this awesome family show and cheer on your favorites.  You can even vote for them on your phone during the show!

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