Hello From Your New Publisher

By Ileana Lazala October 29, 2020

Hello Macaroni Kid Brandon Subscribers.  I am finally saying hello as your new publisher!  I struggled with whether to type it out or to just show my face in the video.  Since I like to talk a lot, I figured I would just do a little of both lol.    

We are really excited to be the new publishers for our awesome area!  We realize the past few months have been full of anxiety, stress, sadness, frustration but we have also seen so much community support for neighbors, small businesses, and even strangers.  While some of this is still being figured out and we all look to getting back to some more normal times we are looking to provide information, resources, tips, and connections for all that our community has to offer.  

We hope if you see us out there walking around or taking pictures that you will come to say hi.  It will mean so much to us!  We thank those who have given us a warm welcome so far and look forward to getting to know all of our subscribers.  

Hope to see you soon!

โ˜ฎ๏ธand ๐Ÿ’–