Macaroni Kid Brandon's Community Helper Spotlight

Celebrating Community Members that are making Changes in the Brandon Area

By Ileana Lazala November 12, 2020

I had the pleasure of talking with two amazing community helpers this week and I wanted to share their story of generosity, hope, and community.  Let’s start with Hilary.  When the pandemic hit, she felt down and isolated but wanted to keep her elderly family members safe.  Hilary decided to start cleaning out her home and found herself getting rid of things such as clothing, shoes, and housewares.  She wanted to make sure these items went to families in need.  Hilary remembered a conversation that her husband had had with a community member, and so she gave Bryant a call.  

Where do I even begin to tell you about what I learned about Bryant?  Just to begin, he has a huge heart and is hoping to make a dream a reality this year.  His goal is to provide 600 children in local migrant communities with a special Christmas this year.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg as Bryant has been working with the children to help them create beautiful art for their communities at Winthrop Arts, and does so much more.

Bryant and Hilary have been bringing monthly trucks full of donations to the migrant workers along with providing the families with donations received.  Let’s help Bryant and Hilary make this Christmas (and every day before) special for these families.  If you would like to donate any household items such as blankets, clothing, shoes, toys (non-battery operated), dolls, coloring books, art supplies, etc., please contact Bryant at (813)485-1797 to coordinate. Thank you Hilary and Bryant for making our area an even more special place to be.