A Note From Your Publisher

By Ileana Lazala March 12, 2021

We live in an awesome area with so many beautiful and kind people. 

 As we deal with crazy traffic, weird weather and the need to connect with others, I wanted to start sharing some of the great things happening in the area and in our life this week.    

  1. Monster Jam returns to Raymond James Stadium this weekend!  We had an awesome giveaway and wish we had more tickets to share with more of our subscribers.  Thank you to all who entered! Congratulations Liz G. 
  2. We now can share some amazing deals that we know our subscribers will love through Certifikid.
  3. Dancing for Donations is now offering free classes to children in foster care.  Check here for details.
  4. Our event calendar is starting to get busier again.
  5. We decided to order Sushi from Moca today because...this week was challenging and Mom loves sushi.  

Have an amazing and safe weekend.  Be kind to those you come in contact with.  Everyone is dealing with something.

☮️ and ❤️


Your Macaroni Kid Brandon Publisher