A Note From Your Publisher

By Ileana Lazala March 19, 2021

This week has been busy at work (I am a nurse by day) but it feels like we have turned a corner and things are looking brighter.  I see more and more love and friendship happening amongst strangers and it fills my ❤️ heart.  We have seen some darkness over the past year and hope it soon is all a memory that we just talk about.  

Some of the cool things I want to share this week:

  1. Public libraries in Hillsborough County are starting to open up again!  We have missed them so!  More info
  2. We got our first vaccination this week.  Thanks to the military and FEMA for making it a smooth and easy process.  See you soon for part 2.  More info
  3. We tried cupcakes from Pink Door Bakery and they were amazing!  Click here
  4. Some sweet Easter events and Photo Ops around town.  Check out our events page here