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Bringing pediatric healthcare to your doorstep

November 23, 2021

For years, June Bryant has wanted to bring access to healthcare to children in the community. Advancing her own education to the doctorate level was a must, as well as working with some of the best pediatricians in the community for 10 years. Now she is able to do just that with the support of her family and the community to bring individualized healthcare to the children that need it most. 

Dr. Joonie is Nationally certified to provide the best care to even the littlest patients with 13 years of pediatric nursing experience, 10 years as an advanced practice nurse, and 13 years as a mother to her own children. She follows the CDC schedule for recommended immunizations and will recommend them accordingly. And no family will be turned away for their desire not to vaccinate.

Dr. Joonie’s mission with opening a mobile clinic is to provide patients with the best and most accessible pediatric health care possible from birth until 21 years of age. She is dedicated to providing high quality health care by assuring that each patient receives individual, personal attention as well as receiving that care in the comfort of their own home. She accomplishes this standard through utilizing the nursing model (the most trusted profession in the nation) to guide her advanced nursing practice to care for your most priceless treasures.

At Dr. Joonie’s Examinavan, we strive to work with the parents in the local community to improve the lives of our pediatric patients and their families. We provide advanced nursing clinical expertise to parents and work with other health professionals in the community to help provide the best care for even the smallest members of our community.

Dr. Joonie's Examinavan is currently servicing regions of Hillsborough and Manatee Counties. Click here for service areas.