Kid Craft: How to Turn a Tuna Can Into a July 4th Centerpiece

Rainy Day Creating - Candle Holder Craft

By Angela Duncan June 10, 2022

Finding things for kids to do inside the house can be a challenge on rainy days! We all get stir-crazy when we are stuck inside, and there are only so many board games we can play and TV we can watch. The kids are always asking to do something fun and to be entertained, but it’s hard to keep coming up with new ideas.

But on a recent day, I put on my creative cap and started looking around the house for something we could make together. Plus, with Independence Day coming up, I was looking for a craft that we could use as fun decorations for the holiday. I found both with this fun and easy red, white, and blue candle holder.

OK. Let's do this!

What you need:

  • Clothespins - check
  • Empty can  - check
  • Paint - check

What you do:

1. Wash and dry a small empty can, such as from tuna fish or cat/dog food.

2. My boys were excited to spray paint the can, so I let them go to town and made sure the nozzle was pointed in the correct direction.

Although, I probably should have told him to keep his mouth closed.

His older brother was much more conservative.

3. We could have spray painted the clothespins as well, but I wanted something that would occupy more of their time, so we grabbed paint brushes and painted each one.

4. Once everything was dry, we clipped the clothespins onto the can and set a candle inside.

One of these will go on my porch next to our hot tub, so I will be next to it while it's burning. Otherwise, I would recommend a flameless candle to be safe with kids around. I am also planning to display the other centerpiece with small vases of flowers from my yard for a summery touch!

Who knew empty tuna cans and some clothespins could turn into special July 4th centerpieces -- extra-special because my kids created them.

Hope you all have a crafty and fun Fourth of July!