A Note from Your Publisher- Happy New Year!

Happy to Be Back!

By Ileana L. January 1, 2023

It is always tough to take a break from something you love doing, especially if it's something as personal and enjoyable as living and sharing in our community.  Maybe you have been wondering "what is happening with Macaroni Kid Brandon".  Maybe you have missed having a convenient list of free/low cost things to do in our area.  Please allow me to explain a little before we move on to the awesome Macaroni Kid Brandon Community you have loved before.  A little over a year ago, I decided to go back to school and finish up a goal I had committed to many years ago.  While I thought I could handle all of it, I quickly realized I needed to put something on pause.  Our friend at Macaroni Kid - Apollo Beach, kindly took over for Brandon and kept you updated on the happenings during her own busy life.  Fast forward to now, I am done with school and ready to get back to building up this community of families and amazing people and events that take place in our beautiful area. I always look to support local businesses and provide families with honest reviews and meaningful connections.  Thank you for sticking around and we are looking forward to an exciting new year!

Please be patient as I look to fill the calendar of events and find my voice in the community once again.   

Thank you for sticking around!  Let's have a happy, healthy and community filled 2023!

Peace and love,