Checkmate Escape Rooms in Riverview

Did we escape?

By Ileana Lazala June 23, 2023

We were invited to experience our first escape room adventure at Checkmate Escape Rooms in Riverview. The room we chose to escape from was ‘Trapped In the 80’s“ and it did not disappoint.  We were greeted by the awesome owner and given our instructions.  Bottom line was to escape or stay trapped in the 80’s (which isn’t so bad lol).  We were escorted to the room which was designed in a way that took us way back to our childhoods. It probably felt like antiquing to our kids but felt just like yesterday we were using some of the items situated in the room.  While we solved so many things and worked as a team the whole way (mostly lol) with seconds left on the clock we didn’t quite make the escape. So now I am wearing blue eyeshadow and hair-spraying my bangs straight up.

This was a full hour of brain work, excitement, family bonding and fun that I would suggest everyone check out.  It was a cool break from our daily routine filled with laughter, excitement and release of our inner detective skills.  This was an experience I didn’t know our family needed.  

We hope you will check them out and support this awesome gem in our area!  

Checkmate Escape Rooms